Bathed in wonder

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loren Eiseley

As the name of the valley suggests, this area at the foot of Monte Bondone is dotted with various bodies of water. Which are they? The most famous is certainly Lake Toblino, which invites you to take a quiet stroll along the wooden walkway that runs along its banks, illustrating the local flora and fauna, and offering a magnificent perspective on the lake and on Toblino Castle that seems to be floating on it.

Joined to the lake by a narrow canal, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, is Lake Santa Massenza, with a hydroelectric plant. A short distance away, between fir and beech trees, you will find Lake Lamar and Lake Santo. Follow the panoramic circular path for views that are perfect for photographs.

For a refreshing swim, head to Lake Lagolo, the smallest swimming lake in Trentino. If you love fishing, we recommend Lake Terlago, rich in species such as carp and trout.

Finally, there is Lake Cavedine, born from the same landslide that created the lunar landscape of the Marocche di Dro, where windsurfing is popular due to the constant presence of winds such as the Ora of Garda.