Regenerating massages in total privacy

Well-being tailored to you

Delicate manual techniques on the back and gentle touches on the face will lighten the weight of daily stress, while heat penetrates deeply, dissolving muscle tension and relaxing your mind. Indulge in one of our many massages in the peaceful atmosphere of your room (Monday and Friday, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, by reservation).

Californian relaxing massage
A deep and rhythmic massage which will transport you to a feeling of total relaxation, essential to achieve mental and physical well-being.
Duration 50 min. – € 99

Sports massage
Ideal for those who practice sports. Promotes the elimination of lactic acid and stimulates blood circulation. Improves athletic performance and reduces recovery times.
Duration 50 min. – € 99

De-stiffening massage
Relieves muscle tension and eliminates stiffness. Intense and enveloping massage techniques and joint manipulations.
Duration 50 min. – € 99

Face and neck massage
It relaxes the face and mind as well as the neck and shoulders. Relieves pain and offers an interlude of relaxation, lowering stress levels. Ideal for combating and preventing headaches as well as other related ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, visual difficulties, problems with concentration.
Duration 30 min. – € 60

Vodder method lymphatic drainage massage
It stimulates lymphatic circulation, helping the elimination of excess fluids. Delicate manipulation techniques work in a personalized way to lighten and relax.
Duration 70 min. – € 120

Shiatsu treatment
An ancient oriental discipline, which literally means “finger pressure”. It has positive effects on the search for well-being, both from a physical and mental point of view. It is the art of “healing with the touch of your fingers”. It is performed on the floor on a special futon (massage mattress).
Duration 50 min. – € 99

Wellness for the feet
Relaxing and revitalizing foot treatment. It creates significant benefits for the whole body and offeres total relaxation. Recommended in combination with a face and neck massage.
Duration 30 min. – € 60