Adrenaline-pumping experiences

"The most intense colours are tinged by emotions." - Stephen Littleword

For those who really want to literally take their feet off the ground, we suggest various activities that you can practice in the area.

For example, enter the canyon under the walls of the legendary Castel Drena and follow the Rio Sallagoni via ferrata, an equipped route of medium difficulty. If this is your first experience, consider being accompanied by a local guide! If touching the rock with your hands is what excites you, try climbing on one of the many local cliffs.

For “aquatic” adventures that offer strong emotions, we recommend you try wakeboarding – a mix of water skiing and snowboarding – at the Terlago Lake Line in total safety or even skim the surface of the lake with a canoe or SUP.

Finally, experience at least once in your life the indescribable sensation of admiring the landscape while riding a horse, a wonderful animal that will win you over for its intelligence and sensitivity. In Valle dei Laghi, there are several riding schools that offer riding courses or guided outings to discover spectacular scenic spots.